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Bolivia is a country in South America.

Although it is not uncommon to see a family on the side of the road waiting for a truck to pick them up for local travelling, overall the hitching isn't very good. The roads are in very bad condition (something like 10-20% of roads in Bolivia are paved, which can be very scary in the rainy season!), they wind up and down the Andes into hairpin bends at 4 000m, are wide enough for one truck or bus (so you want to be sure the person you've just gotten a ride with knows how to drive!) and are generally pretty frightening. If just going for a few kilometres, it is adviseable, but often you are picked up in a truck with many people and sometimes even livestock, are asked to pay maybe 5 bolivianos for 100 km and in the longrun, you're better off taking the bus (which is extremely cheap).


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