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There are quite a few Blogging Hitchhikers around.

Updated Frequently

  • What? You Don't Have Money?! The author is a trained biologist who chooses to pursue his passion for the road instead of being locked up in a lab with crazy mice. The bog is about his experiences of hitchhiking and extreme low-budget adventures around the world.
  • Journal of Nomads is a website and Youtube channel in which a travelling couple share their stories and tips while hitchhiking from Ireland to Alaska across six continents.
  • Last Words For The Road is a collection of handwritten quotes collected from hitchhikers, travellers, people met while travelling. on facebook you will find stories and philosophical articles related to travel and the quotes.
  • Hitch-Hikers' Handbook Hitch-hiking country, city and monument guides. Hitchhiking stories and guest posts; Travel Photography Competition.
  • The Stupid Foreigner Extreme budget traveller shares hitchhiking stories & teaches others how to travel cheaper.
  • Hike Hitcher Hitchhiking and Train Hopping across the USA
  • outsideyourworld Hitchhiking, hiking, and the randomness of travel
  • Two artists embark on a hitchhiking trip across the U.S. to discover the true face of America
  • Roy Marvelous Working on a cruise ship, couchsurfing and hitchhiking.
  • Meandering Hitchhiking, ridesharing, couchsurfing, housesitting.
  • Fabzgy
  • Platschi's Blog - Stories picked up while hitching, focused on South America and Russia/Ukraine, mostly in (German)
  • Warm roads - Hitchhiking around the world with storys and analyses of hitchability in different countries by Korn
  • 210 Countries Blog about a Spanish hitchhiker Oriol who thumbs from Europe to Asia and talks about off the beaten path places to go.
  • Velabas Chael hitchhiking around the world, writing and drawing along the way.
  • The Hitchhike Interviews Ben Eppard An inquiry into what motivates people to help people - via hitchhiking
  • Roving Snails Roving Snails reached India after 511 days hitchhiking Asia. Now roam the subcontinent, thinking of a way home. Two humans and one cat.
  • Smells like Hobo Spirit HoboSpirit An Irish hitchhiker who has mostly traveled in Europe, the US and South America. Dumpster diving and stealth camping with occasional cash in hand jobs to support himself.
  • Magic Kervan Two Bulgarians hitchhiking from Europe to Indonesia. Inspiring stories for one year extreme travels and loads of fun.

Moderately Updated

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