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{{IsIn|Northern Ireland}}
{{IsIn|Northern Ireland}}
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Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland.

Hitching Out

<map lat='54.596334' lng='-5.923691' zoom='12' view='0' height='400' float='right'/>

West towards Portadown and South towards Newry, Dublin

There is a new-built roundabout at the beginning of the M1, 'Broadway Roundabout'. Get right on the entrance towards the motorway, there is a nice little spot for cars to stop. On googlemaps it looks like if all the cars coming from the city centre on the Westlink would pass there. Unfortunatly for us the roadconstruction is finished and there is now a tunnel under the roundabout, but there are still a couple of cars! (location on map)

If you want to go to Dublin, get on the A1 right after Lisburn. Take the second roundabout after leaving the motorway, there is plenty of space for cars to stop on Hillsborough Road, A1. (location on map)

Northwest towards Londonderry