Beer Sheva

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Be'er Sheva is a city in Israel, often considered the gateway to the Negev region of the country.

Hitchhiking out

Craig was unsuccessful trying to hitch a camel, but this is the region where the crazy have the best chance! Many camels!

A good place to start hitching in all directions is the Negev Brigade junction, which can be reached by walking three kilometers or so northeast on Derech Hevron out of the city center.

North to Tel Aviv, East to Arad, Dead Sea

From Negev Brigade junction, hitchhike east to the next major junction, where the road splits north towards Tel Aviv or east (road 31) to Arad and the hotel area of the Dead Sea.

South to Dimona, Eilat, Aqaba (Jordan), Egypt

Though you can try your luck in the Negev Brigade junction, you will be better off trying to hitchhike from the Sarah Junction, 3 km from the center. To get there, walk south on Eilat road from the center of the city, then turn left in Yigal Alon Road, after 20min you will arrive there. Pass the street and hitchhike on road 25.

The road passes through Dimona, meets up with road 90, the southbound traffic from the Dead Sea at Ha'Arava Junction, and ends in Eilat. Next to Eilat are Jordanian and Egyptian border crossings.