Banja Luka

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Banja Luka
<map lat="44.775829999999985" lng="17.18555999999958" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
State: Republika Srpska
Population: 238,400
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Banja Luka is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the capital of Republika Srpska.

Hitching out

South towards Sarajevo, Mostar E 661

Walk south along the main road. After a while, the main road merges with the bypass. Continue walking for about 1 km. After a bridge over the river, at the end of the town, there is a bus stop which makes a great hitchhiking spot.

Also, if you don't want to walk, you can take bus number 8 from the city center (1.60 BAM / ~0,8€) and get off where the road enters the canyon. There is a small petrol station there and few hundred meters behind it there is a large bus stop where you can easily hitchhike. Although Banja Luka is a capital of Serbian Republic, you’d better write your sign in Latin alphabet because many people there can't read Cyrillic.

North towards Gradiška E M16

Take the bus 19 from the city center (1.80BAM / 0.90€) and stop at the bus station named "Raskrsnica IGK". Stand there thumb up with your sign. There is a round about just before and the traffic is really slow. There is also plenty of space for a car or a truck to stop.

I've catched a ride straight to Gradiška within 15 minutes.. (February 2019)Anarkokaosfromhell

West towards Novi Grad E M4

You can walk about 3km from the city center or take the bus to station "Stocar". from there, continue the Road M4, which is turning left after 200m and continue following until it merges the other big road (M16). After you going over the bridge, there is ca.300m further a 50km/h zone, where are a few good spots.