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Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Language: Azerbaijani
Capital: Baku
Population: 8,676,000
Currency: Manat (AZN)
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Azerbaijan is an Asian country in the Middle East. It has borders with Russia, Georgia,Armenia, Iran and via the enclave Nakhchivan to Turkey.


It is possible that you have to pay for the lift, but hitchhiking is cheaper than bus or even taxi. Hitchhiking in Azerbaijan is not more or less dangerous than elsewhere on the world. But be aware of regions in the southwest, the border to Armenia and the region Nagorno-Karabakh where sometimes local conflicts escalate. In the border region to Armenia there is the additional danger of landmines.

Hitchhiking is very easy in Azerbaijan, because locals rarely do it, and therefore a foreigner waiting with his thump up is an attraction. Help people identify you as foreigner. Many cars act as taxis and may want to win you as customer. Therefore you should ask them, where they are going and if they answer something like "wherever you want to" make clear that you are not looking for a taxi, eg "taxi yokh - avtostop". Taxi drivers can be very pushing, they grab your luggage without your permission, cheat you with the price etc. Avoid hitchhiking in Baku and Ganja − and in smaller cities don't hitchhike near the taxi stand. Hitchhiking is really great in remote mountain areas − but only in those with solid roads.

Border crossing


It is possible to get Kazakh visa in Baku in a day or two. The Embassy of Kazakhstan Republic is on Gandjlik, 82 Hasan Aliyev st., phone: (+99412)4656248/4652121


  • The border to Armenia is closed and there are also landmines and border conflicts.


The border used to be closed for non CIS passport holders. The situation has changed in late 2012, now it is possible to cross with valid visas. Pite went through the border in August 2013, border police were surprised to see Europeans here, but they let him go.


  • You will need a valid visa to cross the border to Iran, but it is a regular, not impossible to hitchhike border.



  • The border to Georgia is open for hitchhiking. It is a relatively easy border, quite friendly toward foreigners, and there are big truck parking areas in both sides of the border where you should be able to hitch a ride easily.
Georgia - Azerbaijan border crossing near Balakan


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