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Flag of Belgium
Population: 29,500
Major roads: E 25
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Arlon is a Belgian town (the French-speaking part of Belgium) situated near the border with Luxembourg.

Hitchhiking out

<map lat='49.689' lng='5.819' zoom='13' view='0' float='right' height='300' />

North towards Netherlands

Walk left out of station, keep following the Bastogne road signs towards a roundabout which is a 20 minute walk. Here you can hitchhike at the junction after the bridge and across from the Fiat car garage.

On normal weekdays there is a service form platform 6 at the Arlon transport station for Martelange. The times are at 07h, 12h, 16h, 17h and 19h (as of the end of 2008). This will bring you to the small town which is famous for plenty of drivers due to the cheap fuel provided by dozens of service stations.

East towards Luxembourg

At the same roundabout as above there is also an exit for Luxembourg. If you stand at the bus stop nearby you should have enough space to stop cars.

Just close before the border to Luxembourg, there is an IKEA where you can grab rides up to 100km in any direction. Just place yourself on the parking exit.