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Flag of Argentina Argentina
Language: Spanish
Capital: Buenos Aires
Population: 40,301,927
Currency: Peso(ARS)
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For hitchhikers Argentina can be divided into two parts. The north, which is pretty okay to hitchhike, and the south, which is a complete disaster, especially compared to its neighbour Chile.

Map24 is in Portuguese but has information about the whole of South America. A normal map is pretty expensive, but there is a road map containing many countries of South America for something like 10 pesos.

In Argentina it's normal to ask the people filling tanks at gas stations to ask people for you!

If you're a foreigner, do mention it! As a Dutch guy it seems to be a lot easier to get rides.

Number plates are white, composed by three white letters and three white numbers, so if you're in another country and hitchhing to Argentina, look for these plates!

There are quite some peajes (toll passages). In the South however, these are not so good and you will just be sent away after a while.

About Argentina in general, guaka can tell us this:

I disagree with the previous writer, not on the comparison with Chile, but i do disagree on the south traveling item. The south of Argentina may be difficult to hitchhike if you get into the lonely dirt roads of the Patagonia, because population is scarce. But if you travel southward to the end of Argentina, rides may be a little bit hard, but they will take you a long way along. Patagonia has a single very crowded road, wich is the national nº 3. And some east-west roads, some dirt, some pavement. It is easy to get a ride on the paved road. Dirt roads, however, and because of the lack of vehicles, are much harder.

About Patagonia, narfette says:

If choosing to hitchhike through Patagonia, as Guaka has stated, the ruta 3 that goes down the coast is a better bet: although there are often many kilometres in between villages, it is a well travelled road. Ruta 40 which goes from San Carlos de Bariloche south, is a road that gets frequently closed off because of the bad weather and is reputed to be hellish to hitch on - fewer cars, unpaved sections and some people have said they have gone days without seeing anyone. Winding, remote mountain roads and bad weather conditions in any season but summer make it less travelled by truckers and therefore is not recommended. Gas stations are generally your best bet, although roadside hitching is possible.

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