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Template:Alonnisos (Αλόννησος [aˈlonisos]) is one of 3 other small islands (called Northern Sporades) in Greece. After Skiathos and Skopelos it is the third member of the that Sporade. It is 3 km east of the island of Skopelos.

It is relatively small and non-touristic island. At least it is less touristic than 2 other islands in Northern Sporade (Skiathos and Skopelos). The very locals say it is the most "calm" island from those three.

Hitchhiking there is easy, as it is on every small greek island. Normally, both the Greeks and the tourists pick you up, but seems that tourists do it more often. Waiting time is relative: from 5 min to 30 min, rarely more than 1h.

Public transport

There is also public bus going through all the cities on that island. Ticket price vary from 1.50€ to 3.00€ depending on the final destination. It goes almost every 1h during the day and 2-3h in the evening.

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

Wildcamping is easy and pretty good in that island. You can sleep almost everywhere: on the beach, on the trails, etc., there won't be any problems.

Some spots are:

- "Vithisma Beach": is a nudist beach (but not mandatory to be one) on the west. It is good place to stay, maybe even for the overnight. The only problem will be a burning sun - there is no natural protection of it (besides of the trees, which shadow do not really protect you, because they are far away), so take some cover.

- Camping "Rocks": there is a regular camping where you can stay for money. However, there is a good wildcamp spot near that camping. You will see a path going to the left from the main road just 20m before very camping. Turn there and go till the start of the coast. There will be a spot.

Personal experience

Summer 2022: I was staying a few days on that island doing some dives (if you dive also don't go to the Triton school - it's super expensive). I slept on the beaches and had no problem with that (even on the most crowded ones). Hitchhiking between the cities is not hard, but sometimes there is just no traffic. --HHer-Vert

Other useful info