Allentown, Pennsylvania

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Allentown is a city in Pennsylvania.

Hitching out

North or South

While most service plazas on turnpikes are places where you will typically be kicked off the property before getting a ride, the Allentown service plaza on I476 just south of I78 at milepost 56 is an excellent place to catch a ride. It is so busy, you will not even be able to ask every person walking in and out for a ride. If you set your backpack down, and disappear in the crowd of people, you will probably find a ride before your presence is noticed by security.

Tip: Due to the way the exits are set up, all northbound traffic will be entering the service building from the north entrance, while every single person entering the service building from the south entrance will be going south.


I managed to hitch out of Allentown without trouble. I'm from NYC, and had decided to take a bus here based on the tip above because NYC is famously hard to hitch out of. To me the vibe was a little sketch (I'm female though), maybe just cause I'm not used to not the city (also it was Friday the 13th and the NYC-Allentown bus lets out right in front of a prison), but it wasn't too bad. --Marymary (talk) 21:48, 19 June 2014 (CEST)