Abgefahren e.V.

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File:Abgefahren-mitglieder mai2012.jpg
Where are the abgefahren e.V. members based? (Mai 2012)

Abgefahren e.V. is the official German hitchhiking club which was founded in 2006.

The aim of the society/club is to improve and promote hitchhiking as a secure alternative way of traveling, in order to bring travelers and "locals" in touch and increase intercultural understanding therewith. The society is happy to support hitchhiking related projects and to function as platform for such (e.g. hitchbase; youth exchanges, seminars & trainings; conferences & gatherings; guidebooks). The society has an official non-profit status and a democratic structure.

Abgefahren e.V. yearly runs the hitchhiking championships.

On the webpage are discussion forums, a hitchhikers' location map (to easily find and visit other hitchhikers) and hitchhiking blogs available. After signing up on their webpage, it is possible to use the page with an English menu. Please do not hesitate to ask questions in English in their forums or to start your own blog in English on their page and write about your hitchhiking adventures.