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AVP Free Encyclopedia - Russia's largest electronic book for travelers. It is a collection of practical information for independent travelers on different places of the planet Earth, largely gather by Russian hitchhikers. The FE is a project of the Academy of Free Travel (Академия Вольных Путешествий, AVP). As of October 2008 there are 1215 articles, 249 comments and 317 categories, 293 authors and 1770 registered users.

"Free Encyclopedia" - a special book.
First, only here can be found all under one cover Russia (and all CIS countries - under another). And secondly - and most importantly - the book answers the many questions of "How much?", "Where?" and "How?". How to get to a city (region), with money, and without? Where to eat? Where to spend the night - not only with full, but also with an empty purse? Where to find fellow human beings? How to get out of the city as a hitchhiker? How to go by rail or passing locomotive, aircraft, the motorboat? How much costs a loaf of bread or a lunch in the cafeteria? We have tried to respond to many of these questions.
A. Krotov, from the preface to 4th "VE" edition