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A61 (Germany)

The A61 is a motorway in Germany, that connects the Dutch border near Venlo with southern Germany, ending near Karlsruhe.

It passes Mönchengladbach, Cologne, Koblenz, Bingen, Worms and Speyer.

The traffic consists mainly of trucks and tourists from the Netherlands. Near big cities there's a lot of local traffic. It's a little harder to get long rides and the waiting times might be slightly higher than average.

Hitchhiking the A61

Legend:   (very good) |   (good) |   (average) |   (bad) |   (senseless)

<map lat="50.35" lng="7.40" zoom="8" view="3" float="right" width="500" height="750" />

At service area Brohltal direction north.
the information about the direction of the hitchability of the following places is not known
  •     Bedburger Land   (average)
    • Quite few traffic here, mostly Dutch tourists.
  •    Peppenhoven   (good)
    • Average size, not too much traffic.
  •    Brohltal   (very good)
    • Very big, much traffic.
    • Do not get dropped here, if you want to switch to the A48 direction Trier. You should rather go off at Mendig and get a lift on the Bundesstraße via Mayen. This is much faster and easier.
  • (34)   Mendig   (good)
    • You can ask people at the traffic lights for lifts to Mayen or in direction Trier via A48.
  •  Raststätte Winningen   (bad)
    • very nice view over the Mosel valley, but there is no Gas and so there is not many traffic. It is better on sunny days where you can take a look on the valley, but it is really low frequented on rainy or foggy days, or when it is dark.



(1) border crossing Schwanenheim
(2)   Kaldenkirchen
(3)   Kaldenkirchen-Süd
(4)   Breyell
(5)   Nettetal
(6)   Süchteln
(7)   Viersen
(8)   Mackenstein
(9)   Kreuz Mönchengladbach * connection to the A52
(10)   Mönchengladbach-Nordpark
(11)   Mönchengladbach-Holt
(12)   Mönchengladbach-Rheydt
(13)   Mönchengladbach-Wickrath
(14)   Mönchengladbach-Güdderath
(15)   Kreuz Mönchengladbach-Wanlo * connecttion to the A46
(15)   Mönchengladbach-Wanlo
(16)   Jackerath
(16)   Dreieck Jackerath * connection to the A44
    Raststätte Bedburger Land West     Raststätte Bedburger Land Ost
(17)   Bedburg
(18)   Bergheim
(19)   Bergheim-Süd
(20)   Kreuz Kerpen * connection to the A4
(21)   Türnich
(22)   Gymnich-Nörvenich
(23)   Dreieck Erfttal * connection to the A1
(108)   Erftstadt
(24)   Kreuz Bliesheim * connection to the A1 and to the A553
(25)   Weilerswist
(26)   Swisttal-Heimerzheim
(27)   Miel
    Raststätte Peppenhoven West     Raststätte Peppenhoven Ost
(28)   Rheinbach
(29)   Kreuz Meckenheim * connection to the A565
(30)   Dreieck Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler * connection to the A573
(31)   Dreieck Sinzig * connection to the A571
(32)   Niederzissen
    Raststätte Brohltal West     Raststätte Brohltal Ost
(33)   Wehr
(34)   Mendig
(35)   Kruft
(36)   Plaidt
(37)   Kreuz Koblenz * connection to the A48
(38)   Koblenz-Metternich
  Raststätte Aussichtspunkt Moseltal West   Raststätte Aussichtspunkt Moseltal Ost
(39)   Koblenz/Dieblich
    Raststätte Mosel West     Raststätte Mosel Ost
(40)   Koblenz/Waldesch
(41)   Boppard
(42)   Emmelshausen
(43)   Pfalzfeld
(44)   Laudert
(45)   Rheinböllen
    Raststätte Hunsrück West
petrol station was seen closed on 05.10.15
    Raststätte Hunsrück Ost
(46)   Stromberg
(47)   Waldlaubersheim
(48)   Dorsheim
(49)   Bingen-Mitte
(50)   Dreieck Nahetal * connection to the A60
(51)   Bad Kreuznach
(52)   Gau-Bickelheim
(53)   Bornheim
(54)   Kreuz Alzey * connection to the A63
(55)   Alzey
(56)   Gundersheim
(57)   Worms/Mörstadt
    Raststätte Wonnegau West     Raststätte Wonnegau Ost
(58)   Worms
(59)   Kreuz Frankenthal * connection to the A6
(60)   Kreuz Ludwigshafen * connection to the A650
(61)   Kreuz Mutterstadt * connection to the A65
    Raststätte Dannstadt West     Raststätte Dannstadt Ost
(62)   Schifferstadt
(63)   Speyer
(64)   Hockenheim
(65)   Dreieck Hockenheim * connection to the A6



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