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A5 (France)

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The A5 is a motorway in France going from Paris to Chaumont, intersection with A31 and is part of the E 54.

Hitching the A5

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(-)   La Francillienne
(10a)   Carré Sénart
(10b)   Moissy-Cramayel
(11)   Savigny-le-Temple-Centre
  service station Plessis-picard
  A 105
  Péage des Éprunes
(15)   Saint-Germain Laxis
(16)   Châtillon-la-Borde
  service station   service station
(17)   Forges
(18)   Marolles-sur-Seine
  A 19
  service station   service station
(19)   Vulaines
(20)   Torvilliers
(21)   Saint-Thibault
  A 26
    service station Fresnoy Sud     service station Fresnoy Nord
(22)   Magnant/Vandeuvre-sur-Barse
(23)   Bar sur Aube
  service station   service station
(24)   Chaumont-Semoutiers
  A 31



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