A50 (Netherlands)

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The A50 is a highway in the Netherlands, going from Einhoven in the south till Emmeloord in the north of the country.

It passes the cities of Eindhoven, nearly Den Bosch, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Apeldoorn and Zwolle.

Hitching the A50=

Legend: Verygood.png (very good) | Good.png (good) | Average.png (average) | Bad.png (bad) | Senseless.png (senseless)
  • Ramp.png 8 Son/Breugel
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Gas station Sonse Heide
  • Ramp.png 9 Sint-Oedenrode
  • Ramp.png 10 Eerde
  • Ramp.png 11 Veghel Average.png (average) to the south (no good stopping space)
  • Ramp.png 12 Veghel-Noord
  • Ramp.png 13 Uden-Zuid (Volkel)
  • Ramp.png 14 Uden-Noord (Zeeland)
  • Ramp.png 15 Nistelrode
  • Ramp.png 16 Oss-Oost Only to the south.
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Paalgraven
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Gas station Ganzeveen/De Gagel Good.png (good)
    • Both gas stations are good, but stupid constructed. Two lanes are going like 500 meter until they meet and go up the highway, so standing at the end is senseless, cars will be already too fast. Choose the lane you think is more crowded, or ask directly at the gas station. Easy for direction Den Bosch and Nijmegen.
  • Ramp.png 17 Ravenstein
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Bankhoef
    • Chance to get over to the A326, a short highway connected to the village of Wijchen.
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Ewijk
    • Chance to get over on the A73, bringing you into the city of Nijmegen.
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Valburg
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Gas station Weerbroek Good.png (good)
  • Ramp.png 18 Heteren
  • Ramp.png 19 Renkum
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Gas station De Slenk Good.png (good)
  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Grijsoord
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Gas station De Schaars Good.png (good).

Useful gasstation towards Utrecht, 's-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven or Venlo. This is a busy gasstation.

  • Autobahn junction.png Knooppunt Waterberg
  • Ramp.png 20 Arnhem-Centrum Only to the north. Average.png (average)/Good.png (good) heading north. Three minutes walk from junction Waterberg, where there is a busstop for regional buses from Arnhem to Apeldoorn.
  • Ramp.png 21 Schaarsbergen Only to the north.
  • Ramp.png 22 Hoenderloo
  • Ramp.png 23 Loenen
  • Autobahn gasstation.png Gas station De Brink / De Somp

Useful gasstation going south towards 's-Hertogenbosch, Eindhoven or Venlo and going north towards Leeuwarden, Groningen and Hengelo.

Useful gasstation towards Leeuwarden, Groningen and Emmen.