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A26 (Belgium)

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The A26 is a motorway in Belgium, it leads from Liège to Neufchâteau. In Belgium this motorway is widely known as Autoroute du Soleil. The motorway is part of the E 25.

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<map lat="50.297300656893" lng="5.70" zoom="9" view="3" float="right" width="200" height="600" />

Pfeil unten.svg

Pfeil oben.svg

(38) AB-AS-blau.svg Grosses Battes * connection to the A602
(39bis) AB-AS-blau.svg 18 Arcades
(39) AB-AS-blau.svg Chênée
(40) AB-AS-blau.svg Embourg
(41) AB-AS-blau.svg Tilff
(42) AB-AS-blau.svg Tilff Cortil
(43) AB-AS-blau.svg Beaufays
(44) AB-AS-blau.svg Gomzé-Andoumont
Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png service station Noidré Ouest Autobahn gasstation.png Autobahn Restaurant.png service station Noidré Est
(45) AB-AS-blau.svg Sprimont
(46) AB-AS-blau.svg Remouchamps
(47) AB-AS-blau.svg Harzé
(48) AB-AS-blau.svg Werbomont, Ferrières
(48b) AB-AS-blau.svg Harre
(49) AB-AS-blau.svg Manhay
(50) AB-AS-blau.svg Baraque de Fraiture
(51) AB-AS-blau.svg Houffalize
(52) AB-AS-blau.svg Mabompré
(53) AB-AS-blau.svg Hemroulle
(54) AB-AS-blau.svg Bastogne
(55) AB-AS-blau.svg Villeroux
(56) AB-AS-blau.svg Nives Vaux-sur-Sûre
Autobahn junction.png Neufchâteau * connection to the A4

Pfeil unten.svg

Pfeil oben.svg

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