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A10 (Germany)

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The A10 in Germany, also called Berliner Ring, is an orbital motorway around Berlin.

It is part of the European road E55 and has a total length of 196km.

Hitching the A10

Legend:   (very good) |   (good) |   (average) |   (bad) |   (senseless)
Map of the A10
the information about the direction of the hitchability of the following places is not known

  rightbound, clockwise

  leftbound, counterclockwise

(1)   Dreieck Schwanebeck * connection to the A11
(2)   Berlin-Hohenschönhausen (B158)
(3)   Berlin-Marzahn
    Raststätte Seeberg West     Raststätte Seeberg Ost
(4)   Berlin-Hellersdorf (B1, B5)
(5)   Rüdersdorf
(6)   Erkner
Between Freienbrink and Erkner
(7)   Freienbrink
(8)   Kreuz Spreeau * connection to the A12/E30
(9)   Niederlehme
(10)   Königs Wusterhausen
(11)   Schönefelder Kreuz * connection to the A13/E55 and to the A113
    Raststätte Am Fichtenplan Nord     Raststätte Am Fichtenplan Süd
(12)   Rangsdorf (B96)
(13)   Genshagen
(14)   Ludwigsfelde Ost (B101)
(15)   Ludwigsfelde West
Between Ludwigsfelde and Nuthetal
(16)   Dreieck Nuthetal * connection to the A115/E51
(17)   Michendorf (B2)
    Raststätte Michendorf Nord   (good)     Raststätte Michendorf Süd   (good)
(18)   Ferch
(19)   Dreieck Potsdam * connection to the A9/E51
(20)   Glindow
(21)   Dreieck Werder * connection to the A2/E30
(22)   Groß Kreutz (B1)
(23)   Phöben
(24)   Leest
(25)   Potsdam-Nord (B273)
(26)   Berlin-Spandau (B5)
(27)   Brieselang
(28)   Falkensee
  Raststätte Wolfslake Ost   Raststätte Wolfslake West
(29)   Dreieck Havelland * connection to the A24/E26/E55
(30)   Oberkrämer
(31)   Kreuz Oranienburg * connection to the A111/E26, B96/E251
(33)   Birkenwerder
(34)   Mühlenbeck
(35)   Dreieck Berlin-Pankow * connection to the A114
(36)   Berlin-Weißensee
(1)   Dreieck Schwanebeck * connection to the A11

  rightbound, clockwise

  leftbound, counterclockwise

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