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**Newsletter sent to their forum: [http://offtop.ru/msha/v1_652737__.php here]
**Newsletter sent to their forum: [http://offtop.ru/msha/v1_652737__.php here]
** Coordinator: harebeat
** Coordinator: harebeat
** Reply: no replies, but 7 views of the message
** Reply: no replies, but 9 views of the message
*Saint Petersburg Guild of Hitch-hiking Masters [http://guild.hike.ru/ Web Site]  
*Saint Petersburg Guild of Hitch-hiking Masters [http://guild.hike.ru/ Web Site]  

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789, I want to hitch with Frankenstein
( Home - Ideas - Website Debate - Slogan Debate - Newsletters - Forum - Website - Coordination - List of things to do - Press Article - Coordination Group )


This Pannel have been created to confirms our advancement and to don't spread the informations twice


  • A GOOGLE GROUP, permit to coordinate between coordinators and find solutions for each country GOOGLE GROUPS
  • AN EVOLUTION PANNEL (this page), it confirms our advancement in the coordination


There are two posts in the CS "Ukraine" group.

  1. 1.
  2. 2.

Posts in hitchhiking LiveJournal communities:

  1. Ukraine
  2. Russia
  3. Belarus

  • "Main Roads" has been disabled - However Ukranian Hitchhikers are motivated !
Posted info on their Forum here --lucysd 02:20, 10 December 2008 (UTC)
  • ELBA (Elbe), Ukrainian Hitchhiking Gathering Web Site
    • Newsletter sent to : posted on Forum
    • Coordinator: Lucy SD - La Sophiste
    • Reply: This forum become active !
I try to get in touch with some people (Ukranian Hitchhkikers) via PASL and VHC - up to now without success, not such a great interest. --Alex 14:45, 24 November 2008 (UTC)
  • Hospex community: Julien started establishing contact with the Odessa people.
  • Be Welcome : La Sophiste have contact some people in ukraine for that gathering, not specially hitchhikers...


  • Sky Division Club Web Site
    • Newsletter sent to : Forum (this lin doesn't exist anymore !)
    • Coordinator:
    • Reply:


  • www.lerevedelarbre.fr Web site
    • Two french guys who travel around the world by hitchhiking
    • They will broadcast the project on their newsletter
    • Coordination : La Sophiste
  • Couchsurfing Hitchikers / Autostoppeur group (1000 members)
    • About 70 french and belges hitchikers have been invited to participate
    • We just send a type invitation letter to the people who speak french however we don't do it for Quebec ! Someone can do it ?
    • Coordination : La Sophiste
  • Le Post.fr (press forum)
    • See the forum topic here
    • Coordination : La Sophiste
  • Le routard.com
    • the topic have been deleted ....... where we have to post it ?
    • Coordination : La Sophiste
  • Visoterra
    • See the topic here
    • Coordination : La Sophiste
  • Forum-tourdumonde.be
    • See the forum topic here
    • Coordination : La Sophiste
  • Voyage-forum.com
    • See the froum topic here it have been erased....
    • Coordination : La Sophiste
  • tourismevoyage.com
    • They deleted the topic...
    • Coordination : La Sophiste
  • E-voyageur.com (big website of travellers)
    • Forum discussion here and here
    • Coordination : La Sophiste
  • lepouceux.com (Canadian web site)
    • forum discussion here
    • Coordination : La Sophiste
  • Odessart (cultural project developped by "Ars d'Ac" artistic and cultural supporting association )
    • Newsletter send to : contact at jed .fr + contact olivier bergoni.fr
    • coordination : La Sophiste
    • Reply : two times... We send them the teaser of "paris 888"
  • La Sophiste (events organisers - movie production) Web Site
    • Newsletter : everybody know
    • We broadcast the project to the french hitchhiking network
    • Coordination : helios at lasophiste + com - mitch at lasophiste + com
    • We will propose an article on our website when the destination will be decided
    • We are thinking about some hitchhikers teams and the first checkpoint in the East of France.
Do you think "la sophiste" has the international reach to take care of the broadcasting? Language-wise in particular. --Sitarane
We can make the coordination with the radiophonic network for France not really for Europe - our English isn't so good, can you do it ?MiSha 21:34, 30 January 2009 (UTC)
Yes --Sitarane
  • Trans Europ Stop (Fr)Web Site
    • Coordinator: Misha
    • Newsletter sent to : all the staff
    • Reply : They definitly go for the same date to the baltics states !

also they think that the project isn't sharp, no destination, no official association. However they can spread the informations for us

  • Auto-Stop Participatif [1]
    • Coordinator: La Sophiste
    • Reply: a postal letter have been send to Bruno Allès.
    • Statut : wait for an answer > we have called them by phone... we left a message on the vocal box
    • Cécile Bayar - Quartier Ponchu - 26400 Soyans - / graall [at] free .fr
    • Daniel Domingo - Quartier Pignes - 26450 Puy St Martin - / - [email protected]l.info

    • Coordinator : Misha
    • Newsletter : send by postal way with a presentation of the project
    • Reply : no answer for 3 months, we need to contact by phone...



POTENTIAL TO MEET IN BRETAGNE BEFORE THE 789 @ Festival de Voyageurs in Tremargat - Bretagne , second half of July ?




  • Russia Cs Group
    • Forum here
    • Coordinator :
  • Academy Of Free Travels Web Site
    • Newsletter sent to : posted on their Forum.
    • Coordinator: harebeat
    • Reply: no replies yet
  • Moscow Hitch-hiking School Web Site
    • Newsletter sent to their forum: here
    • Coordinator: harebeat
    • Reply: no replies, but 9 views of the message
  • Saint Petersburg Guild of Hitch-hiking Masters Web Site
    • Newsletter sent to : one of their moderators
    • Coordinator: harebeat
    • Reply: they've posted our newsletter on their web site here
  • Saint Petersburg autostop league Web Site
    • Newsletter sent to :
    • Coordinator:
    • Reply:

I am in touch with them, there is general interest. A competition is shortly after 789. Are there ways to connect those events? --Alex 12:49, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

  • Saint Petersburg's extreme travels team (Russia) Web Site
    • Newsletter sent to :
    • Coordinator:
    • Reply:
  • Moscow club eXtreme trip Web Site
    • Newsletter sent to :
    • Coordinator:
    • Reply:
  • Barnaul Autostop League Web Site
    • Newsletter sent to :
    • Coordinator:
    • Reply:
  • Russian Backpacker club Web Site
    • Newsletter sent to : posted on Forum
    • Coordinator: harebeat
    • Reply: no replies yet



  • Viva con Agua Web site
    • Viva Con agua is an official NGO that collects money for drinkwater projects worldwide. They organise an hitchhike race on the 18.08.09 to the east, but hundreds of different projects trying to call attention in an interesting and funny way especially for our often not caring generation...
    • Coordinator : Wukk - malte.schremmer[at]gmail.com
    • Some people were sleeping at their place for the 888, Hamburg-Berlin-Kiel
    • still nothing official, but have a look:


    • already put the 789 in the wiki:



  • Latvian Hitch-hiking Club "E67" Site. ( As you can see the site isn't really working. So isn't the club )
    • Newsletter sent to :
    • Coordinator:
    • Reply:
  • Coordinator for Latvia: Mārtiņš: meniks at therolling lv; skype: meniks

  • Lithuanian Hitch-hiking club „KELIAIvis“ Web siteYahoo group of the club
    • Newsletter sent to : keliaivis at gmail com / tuchkaus at gmail com / iliuminacija at gmail com
      • Vaida - Club's president cell.: +370 672 06529/+37060203862, Skype: iliuminacija MSN: iliuminacija at hotmail com, E-mail: iliuminacija at gmail com
      • Tuchkus - Club's ex president cell: +370 610 64635 Skype: tuchki MSN: tuchkus911 at yahoo com, E-mail: tuchkaus at gmail com


    • Coordinator : Hannu Cs