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6810 pre-meeting Berlin.

We started the meeting with an introduction-round. Present are :

  • Felix
  • Stefen
  • Valentin
  • Jennie
  • Elsie
  • Ben
  • Julien
  • Patryk
  • Sandra
  • Robin
  • Anja
  • Tau
  • Ralf


Talking first about the destinations. We give space to everyone to promote one place and then discuss the options again.

One of the points raised is that there isn't a good place to discuss the options on the website, there is the hitchwiki but people feel that isn't enough.


  • We want a place somewhere where it is relatively easy for many people to hitchhike to
  • Pre-meetings can also be organised in easier to reach places and end-destination can be harder.

Places discussed

Kaunas, Lithuania

  • there is no need to promote hitchhiking there.
  • it is on the main road, there is no challenge to hh there, no fun.
  • Good visa chanches for people from Russia

Vama Veche, Romania

  • no tourists.

you can put up your tent anywhere you want.

  • we can be compact, we can stay at one place.
  • we can also stay much longer. you don't have to go, you can stay if you want.
  • hitching needs promoting in Romania. Sometimes drivers ask for money.

Somewhere in Portugal

  • would like to hitch through Spain to promote hitchhing, it needs to be promoted there
  • also cheap country
  • need to prove that it is possible
  • Santiago de Campost road is there too. Maybe much hospitality on the way?
  • Pre-meetings to be organised in Spain. Barcelona sounds as a good and easy options to get many people there, and have people to hitch from there to Portugal. Same counts for other places such as in the Basque Country and Madrid

Chişinău, Moldova

  • easy to get visa for People from Ukraine/Russia
  • good to hitch
  • Very close to last year, Odesa


- internal promotion needed so to get more people - especially new people - need more central place for that


- if there is also a North-America hitchgathering we could decide to meet up in Iceland instead.