2014 North American Hitchgathering

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Because of California's recent exceptional drought and concerns from the South Yuba River Citizens League we ask that you please refrain from having any campfires at the river that are not in above ground stoves!

Please also consider that glass bottles have no place on the South Yuba and it is our responsibility to keep the river clean from litter. Trash cans are provided at the Highway 49 bridge parking lot. Locals work hard to keep the place clean for us, please return the favor.

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What is a Hitchgathering?

The hitchgathering is an annual meet up where hithchikers, rubber tramps, train hoppers and wanderers from all walks of life come together to share stories, have a good time, and learn. Everyone is welcome! We also aim to promote a better view of travelers and our presence to the public.

Where is it?

South Fork of the Yuba River just north of Nevada City, California. Voting Closed February 23rd. Results can be seen here

This river attracts a lot of people on summer weekends, but going a quarter mile downstream is deep water, a cave, waterfalls, cliffs for diving and rarely any people. This is where we will be. Crystal clear water. Water temperature depends on dam activity but ranges from 73-80 degrees in the summer. Probably one of the easiest places to hitchhike in the world. Easy hitch into town nearby for dumpster diving, collecting food/supplies. Video of swimming under the boulders.

Directions to Base Camp

From Nevada City, California go 8 miles north on highway 49 and get off at the bridge crossing the South Fork of the Yuba River. Hike a quarter mile downstream to the large deep pool under the waterfall with the obvious dark colored cliff on the right. Precise location on the map is here.


Saturday, August 9th, 2014. Base camp set as early as midweek.





https://www.facebook.com/events/275150409317680/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular Or just type "2014 North American Hitch Gathering" into the Facebook SEARCH field.

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