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Flag of Poland
Coat of arms of Łódź (Voivodeship).png
Łódź (Voivodeship)
Population: 747 152
Licence plate: EL
Major roads: A 2S 14
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Łódź [pronounce woodj] is a city in central Poland.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Poznań, Berlin (Germany) A 2 E 30

  • Junction Emilia

From city centre e.g. from Nowowiejska-Północna street near Plac Wolności (Square of Freedom) take tram 46 direction Ozorków and get off in Rosanów. The journey takes about 55 minutes (about 20km). The tram stop is located just behind roundabout where motorway junction starts. There's an emergency lane, so even trucks have enough space to pull over.

South towards Piotrków Trybunalski, Katowice, Kraków 1 E 75

From train station Łódź Fabryczna take bus 70 direction Centrum Handlowe PTAK and get off in Szpital C.Z.M.P. (Hospital). It takes about 40 minutes to get there. You can hitch behind the crossroad on the merge lane.

For those who like to ask for a lift(or show their destination to drivers) at traffic light, there exist pretty good conditions (long-lasting red light, shade, McD toilet nearby) at semaphores (traffic light) next to the final stop of the tram #16 (pętla Kurczaki) (single ticket costs 1,8 PLN 0,4€.) It takes ~40 min to get there by tram during weekdays, 30min on festive ones).

The traffic at this spot is already pretty "refined" of local vehicles & consists of 80% of vehicles in transit. I never waited there longer than 7 lights' changes to get a lift to the very first lights of Częstochowa which is a next perfect spot for finding a car direction Kraków, Bielsko Biała or any city of the Upper Silesian urban aglomeration).

North towards Toruń, Gdańsk 1 E 75

From city centre take trams 4, 11 46A direction Helenówek or 46 direction Ozorków and get off in Sikorskiego. You will see Castorama shop on your right. You can hitch behind the roundabout called Rondo Biłyka on the merge lane with a bus stop.

East towards Warszawa 14

To hitchhike into eastern direction, a good place is Strykowska road. Take tram 6 from the centre. Direction "Strykowska". Get off at the last one. Keep walking the same way as the tram, pass a bridge over railroad, pass a little gas station, and 200m after, on the other side of the road, there's a bus stop with good visibility and parking. And a little bakery if you're hungry :) .

Another option is to take bus 92 to the stop 'Kolumny - Czajewskiego' and from there it's a five minutes walk to a highway service center (you can't miss seeing it on your right while passing the bridge just before the bus stop). It's a huge stop with lot's of cars and trucks, so most likely it will be easy to catch a ride (I got one in 3 minutes). Be aware though that the centre is fenced and you'll have to go through a gate. On my arrival in Łódź it was unlocked, but on my hike out of Łódź it was closed and I had to hop it.

Public Transport

There is a good website showing you how to get from one point to another by public transport in major Polish cities (in Polish and English).