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<map lat='36.402778' lng='30.474444' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />
Flag of Turkey
State: Antalya (Province)
Population: 0
Licence plate: 07
Major roads: D400
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Çıralı is a touristic destination on the south coast of Turkey, very close to Antalya. See also it's article on nomadwiki and the info about Olympos, the neighboring town.

Hitching In

You'll be most likely coming from the Fethiye-Antalya 'highway' (D400_(Turkey)). From there it's a pretty long hike downhill to Çıralı, waiting at the turnoff on top and hitching the few Çıralı-bound traffic should be faster..


Walk to the northern end of the beach, you'll most likely find other tents and caravans there.


If you're at the downtown side of the bridge, facing the bridge: Walk to the left to the 7 or 8 dumpsters and find some fruit! Not every day, but User:Micha has found some dozens of melons there once, and kilos of apples the next day. If you continue 70 or so meters, there's a hotel ground going off to the left, you'll see the sharon/kaki tree already from the open gates. Behind it there's avocado trees ;)


Azur-Aida is one of the cafes next to the beach. The WiFi should have the same name, or maybe only Azur. Password is Azur7273 or Azur2327.