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Šiauliai is a town in northern Lithuania.

It is an important crossing for railways and roads.

A road, north-south bound, E77, connects Riga to Kaliningrad Oblast. Another road, east-westbound, from Vilnius and Panevežys, goes to the Baltic Sea, Palanga. The part after Šiauliai is an highway for about 25 km till the town of Kuršenai.

You can easily see on the map the best spots. They are all reacheable by micro-bus or bus.

Hitching Out

Towards Joniskis, Jelgava, Riga

The spot is located along Tilzes gatve, right after the cross with Ausros gatve, on E77 road heading to Joniskis, Jelgava, Riga. Just walk, or take a bus/micro-bus to the northern part of the city. It's immediately after a gas station, near a bus stop, and on the right side you will see a road (Ausros gatve) and signs for other directions (Panevezys).

The city of Siauliai from road E77, coming from the north