White River Junction

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White River Junction is a village in Vermont, United States of America. The village (which actually consists of several smaller places and has about 2.500 inhabitants) is an important transportation hub, with the Interstate 89 (towards Burlington), the I-91 towards Canada in the North and Brattleboro and Massachusetts in the South, and US Routes 4 and 5. Furthermore, there's an Amtrak, a bus and a freight train station.

Hitchiking out

To get onto the I-89, you can either try your luck in central White River Junction (to get on the I-89, you first have to go on the I-91 for one exit, which makes getting there a bit harder) or walk about a mile along US Route 5 in northerly direction (from the point where the two interstates cross), where you can hitch hike along US Route 4 for about 3 miles to a more convenient on-ramp. Joining US Route 5 a bit south of the central on-ramp, Wright Reservoir Rd leads to a small natural reserve with a lake, a really nice spot to spend a night (although the moskitos are a pain).

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