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Viña del Mar
<map lat='-33.1' lng='-71.5' zoom='10' view='0' />
Flag of Chile
State: Valparaíso (V)
Population: 324,836
Licence plate: nongeographical
Major roads: Ruta 62
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Viña del Mar is a city in central Chile on the Pacific coast. Together with Valparaíso and other towns it creates a conurbation of more than 900,000 inhabitants.

Hitchhiking out

North towards La Serena, East towards Mendoza (Argentina) or Southeast towards Santiago

Get to metro station Chorillos or near Puente Lusitania (Lusitania Bridge). You can get there obviously by metro or by micros (mini buses) that go towards Quilpue. Go along the main avenue where metro station is located eastward for 500m until you get to a roundabout where motorway begins. Hitch there with a sign. A lot of the traffic will be heading southeast to Santiago by motorways 62 and 5, so you can make a sign "Peaje Llay Llay", which is a huge toll plaza located on the Panamerican Higway 5, twenty km south from La Calera. From there you can hitch either south to Santiago, east to San Felipe, Los Andes and Mendoza or north to La Serena. If you go to Santiago you can just make a sign with this name and you will get there either by the route mentioned above or by Ruta 60CH and Ruta 68.

Hitchhiking in

If you happen to be going to Viña del Mar and your driver is going to Valparaíso, you can get off in Placilla located 18 km south from Viña. From there you can take a micro (mini bus) going to the city centre. It should cost around 600 pesos. The bus stop is located on the side of the motorway near the pedestrian bridge over the road. Another option is to go to Avenida Argentina in Valparaíso and get a micro from there.

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