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night hitchhiking in Brazil
hitching with Platschi in Uruguay


Stefan is a German hitchhiker and president of the german competetive autostop club. Actually he is hitchhiking around the world. You can follow hi stories on warm roads in German and English. His blog also provides a variety of hitchhiking analyses and techniques.



Hitchhiking achievements

  • Longest ride: 2676km Tok Alaska to Cache Creek in British Columbia.
  • Longest waiting time: 9 hours 54 minutes, 19th of January 2015 at the border between Uruguay and Brazil in Chuy.
  • Fastest middle distance tour: 2469km in 37 hours and 55 minutes in the year 2016. From Edirne to Vilnius.
  • Fastest long distance tour: 6071 km in 107 hours and 8 minutes in January 2016. Thousand Islands US/Canada Border to Otter falls Yukon territory.
  • Longest DIstance ever taken without break: 12.915 km while hitchhiking the Four Corners Of China
  • Most useless hitch: Going with Platschi from Leipzig to Prague to drink one night and back in the next morning.
  • November 2014 successfully hitching across the Atlantic with sailboats
  • 23. August 2015 first successful lift with an (small) ariplane.
  • 1. September 2015 first successful attempt to hop a freight train.


Going by hitchhiking 18.000km from Germany to Uruguay including hitch with sailing boats and planes. There are logs existing with detailed information about waiting times, positions and trips. Since entering Tenerife there is a full log of the hitchhiking tour. Check my Hitchhiking in...-articles or the Statistically conlsucions of my South America crossing