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One time, Alexa and I misjudged a situation and accepted a ride with a guy who turned out to be drunk. I asked him if maybe I should drive, he accepted and handed me the keys, and I drove south through Colorado for the next hour.

Another time, not too far from there, a Christian Preacher named Toby who couldn't have been more than 22, gave us a ride and at the end tucked $20 into Alexa's backpack. When we said we didn't need it, told us to give it to someone who did. Our next ride (claimed that she) had just had her purse stolen, so we bought her some gas to get us to Albuquerque.

Here's the most generous driver who's ever picked us up, in an album full of our pictures from that American Hitchhiking adventure (none of which are of actual hitchhiking).

My most recent adventures might be here:

My hitch-related to-do list is here


  • get website content and proposals from jeremie
  • get e-mail list and na.hitchgathering forwarding from robin
  • get flyer from amylin
  • send a bunch of CS messages asap (where do you suggest, can i crash when I arrive, also e-mail robin M.)
  • research BLM land, gps and print maps to most promising places
  • also search for some parks or places to check out in boulder
  • do same for all suggested locations on the wiki by departure time

x post note about calling after departure time

x post info about pre-meeting in denver, distill other to-do items out of conversation notes from jer/robin/mark


  • jeremie e-mailed digi-hitch organizers, no real response, if no response to second round, just plaster DH and CS (wait for link location decision and publicity materials)