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Hitchhiking Records

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Youngest driver hitchhiked
== Youngest driver hitchhiked ==
* '''Andrey Sapunov''' from Kiev, Ukraineand '''Konstantin Grishin''' from Tver, Russia. On 21 October 2020 he they got a ride on Kaninë - Vlorë road, Vlorë County in Albania from a '''10-year-old''' boy. It was a 4 km ride. His another other passenger was an even younger girl.
* '''Robertas Pogorelis''' from Vilnius, Lithuania. On 23 August 2016 he got a ride from Long Island, Palau, to Koror, Palau (about 2 km) from a '''14-year-old''' girl who was driving to school. Everything was legal: the driver held a temporary licence and was sitting next to her 16-year-old sister who had a full licence.

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