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Sleep safe
Roofs and similar structures are quite fine sleeping places. Sleeping in abandoned houses is recommendable although it is considered a crime, "trespassing" unless you have a banner with the squatting "N" hanging from a balcony, window etc. The cops are going to put this down and inform the landlord. If they do not want you to stay and if you have been there for less than a week they can evict you right away. So in case you want to stay somewhere for less than a week having a banner is most likely not worth the hassle... You can just stay in a squat that has already gone through the registration process. Most of those houses are in Barcelona.
=== Sleep safe Thiefs ===
When staying on the beach in Barcelona, you may notice '''thieves'''. They walk around and observe people on the beach for hours before stealing anything. Even though they aren't usually hostile or confrontational, they can steal clothes off your back while you're asleep. The only sure way to keep your things safe is to bury it in the sand and sleep on top of it. Sleeping with your head on your bag is just not enough. <br/ >
These thieves are very professional, and they look for people sleeping rough not just on the beach but in the central districts too.
=== Wild boars ===
'''Wild boars''' are abundant in Barcelona, there are hundreds of them.
#Stay away from the canes. this is where they live and sometimes they spend the night there.#Don't take food to your place.#Don't provoke wild boars! They unafraid of humans. If something happens, back off slowly. #Wild boar usually don't attack unless they feel threatened. They will probably stay away from you but they will come to sniff your tent once you're inside... I did nothing and they went away... #It's best if you stay next to a tree that you can climb on if anything happens.#If you see a mother and her cubs stay the fuck away.
== Free internet ==
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