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To get to Cappadocia Region, find a hitch to Aksaray and look out for the signs for the road to Nevşehir (just when you enter the city, there's also a gas station where your driver can stop). From there you can easily stand on the side of the street, many trucks going that direction, too.
== EatingFree Food ==
Food recycling organization ÇerÇöp Çorbacılar (Trash Soup) operates a free food case on Karanfil Street in the city center, Kizilay. You can take what food you need, and if you somehow find yourself hitching out of Ankara with more food than you want to carry, you can leave your extra food there as well.
ÇerÇöp Çorbacılar has a [ Facebook page] where you can ask questions in English.
== Nomadwiki & Trashwiki ==
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