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North towards Ferrara, Padova and Venice on A13
From the bus stop, you take the road parallel to the motorway. You pass some factories, the motorway should be behind them. After 500 m there is a crossroad to the right. The service area is just at the end of it. There is a fence, but I had no problem of getting in, the door was open. If it is closed, you can try to ring or ask for the help of the 'locals'.
Personal experience from an anonymous Hitchwiki contributor:
:''I got a ride easily from here until Padova. The people working in the [[petrol station hitchhiking|petrol station]] didn't like that I was asking drivers there, so I was at the exit holding a [[signs|sign]]. The day before I tried the other petrol station described above in the all directions section, but it was a complete failure, no one going on the A13.''
"In July 2016, we used these directions to find the service station quite easily. There is now a turnstile at the back gate which doesn't lock, and we were able to forage some breakfast from the blackberry bushes next to the staff parking lot. The attendants did not care in the slightest about asking drivers as they filled up, and were actually pointing out cars with the number plates we wanted."
=== Going to and from the Airport ===
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