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North-West towards Vaasa (on the way there is also Rauma, Pori
Another good spot is the last bus stop before the highway begins. It's before traffic lights so cars stop and can see you. For reaching the spot take bus 21 or 23 and get off at stop Prykinkuja. Use a sign!
=== North-West towards [[Vaasa (on the way there is also Rauma, Pori)]] === Vaasa is the harbour town, which is about 330 km away from Turku. The easiest way to the best hitch-hiking spot is the following. If you are in Turku city centre, just walk by the river to the West until you get to the street called Koulukatu or Skolsgatan. Then you have to walk straight up the hill on the Koulukatu street for approximately 2km. Then you will reach a bigger highway, called Naantalintie. That is already the beginning of the National Road 8, which takes you straight to Vaasa (and other places like Pori, that are on the way as well). On the side of the road is a big shopping mall called Manhattan, the best hitchhiking spot is about 200 m further. You will see a big Hesburger and next to the road there is a small bus station, where the cars can stop nicely to pick you up. Local hitch-hikers also recommended this place.
=== West towards [[Åland Islands|Åland]], [[Stockholm]] ===

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