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==== Helsinginkatu ====
 You can also start from the very beginning of the motorway number 1/the end of the street called ''Helsinginkatu''. This is just next to both the student village (''Ylioppilaskylä'') and the University of Turku. Coming from the direction of the harbour and the bus station on "Helsinginkatu", after the bridge (Tuomaansilta) take the right side of the street. After the traffic lights there's a bus stop where you can start hitching. A sign is a good idea since there's a lot of cars driving to suburbs of Turku. '''Note''': don't walk further than this spot, it gets worse and worse, If a sign "Helsinki" (also the common abbreviation for Helsinki is HKI) doesn't work, try writing "Salo" (a small town halfway to Helsinki).
=== North towards [[Tampere]] (National Road 9) {{E|63}} ===
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