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Option 2: AP-7 Motorway Service Station Bellaterra
==== Option 2: AP-7 Motorway Service Station Bellaterra ====
Take train [ S2] from ''Barcelona Plaça Catalunya'', direction Sabadell-Rambla, and get off at ''Bellaterra''. (2 zones). Turn left out of the station and walk 1.6km along C/ de Bellaterra. After you have crossed over the motorway bridge, you will see a small road to the left. Walk ≈400 along this road (you will pass through a small tunnel) to the service station.<br/ >
When asking locals, ask how to walk to Hotel Bellaterra, as Spanish people are clueless about hitchhiking and any other question will be answered with useless answers about how to reach the motorway. (EDIT: the hotel is closed and you have to climb two gates to get to the rest area).<br/ >
 There are not too many drivers going north though, and the (Spanish) ones who are don't seem to be eager to pick up hitchhikers. Almost no traffic from Barcelona going north passes through here, so you miss out on all the French drivers - option 1 is probably much better.
==== Option 3: Barcelona Gran Via ====
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