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East toward Oshawa, Kingston, Ottawa and Montreal
*''I took the TTC and STC as far as it went and hitched on a not so big cross-road where cars were joining into the 401 going east. It was easy! After three small rides of hitching on random on-ramps I ended up on a beautiful big ONroute gas-station just before Port Hope. There I easily got a truck ride to Montreal. Often I don't use signs, but - USE SIGNS hitching out of Toronto. There are a lot of beggars with cardboard signs, so it's good if your sign says were you're going. The drivers told me they stopped because of that. I just used a sign saying 'east', which worked better than the one saying 'Montreal'. Anyhow, it is possible to hitch out of Toronto. Happy hitching! (January 2014.) Uyku.tulumu ''''
*" Edward101277 I ,Edward1012, hitchhiked from Toronto to Montreal twice with great success. Both times I took the Go Train to Oshawa and walked 15 minutes to the on ramp heading east. The first ride took 10-15 mins both times, and took me to the Port hope On-Route. Once there, just have a sign saying '401 East' and go OnRoute hopping. Google Onroute to search where the Onroutes are located. I got to Montreal in 7 hours both times, including the train ride. More or less the same time as the bus, but with interesting people and free :) ""
=== SouthWest toward [[Hamilton]], [[Niagara]] and [[Buffalo]] ===

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