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=== From [[Žilina]] ===
If you are coming on the motorway from the north-east but your driver is continuing to Hungary or Austria, ask him to leave you at the Slovnaft petrol gas station in ''Zlaté Piesky'' before the airport and the city centre. Jump over the fence in the southwest part of the petrol gas station area (there is a hole), walk across the field to the other road, follow the sign "Center" and after one or two kilometers you will reach the last stop of tram 2 and 4.
Alternatively, you can ask your driver to drop you near ''Aupark shopping centre'', but they need to exit highway right after crossing ''Prístavný most''. Getting back on highway is very easy for them. This place is much more closer to centre than previous one, you can get to ''Hodžovo námestie'' in 5 minutes with public transport.
== Hitching around ==
If you are just passing by the city (e.g. going from Prague to Budapest) avoid at all costs being dropped at a petrol gas station in the city by a driver going into Bratislava. The road splits inside the city, the motorway is in the middle and the local traffic goes on a side road. Because of a wall there is no direct access from the city streets and the petrol gas stations are not on the motorway. If you end up being dropped inside the city somewhere, you must follow the Hitchwiki advice to reach another spot or spend the night in Bratislava.
== Hitching out ==
[[File:hhtobrno.jpg|right|thumb|334px|Hitchhiking in direction to Brno.'']]
==== Lamač petrol gas station ====
In the north of the city there is a small service station at the motorway going north to Brno. It's not a great spot, but it gets the job done. If it's been a while and you still haven't found a ride, try asking people for "Sekule" - this is the last gas station before the Czech border, so everyone stops here to get vignettes (highway stickers).
==== Mokrohájska‎ ====
Go to a bus stop called ''Mokrohájska‎'', the bus stop is on city road in Brno direction but it's not yet a highway. You can try hitch hiking directly 'behind' the bus stop, there's enough for car to stop or continue walking in the same direction the bus was going, about 300 meters further there's a large OMV petrol gas station, McDonald's and non-stop Tesco shopping mall. You also can try to hitchhike on traffic lights nearby.
=== East towards [[Žilina]] {{European Route Number|75}}, [[Banská Bystrica]], {{European Route Number|58}} {{European Route Number|571}} (D1) ===
====Zlaté Piesky petrol gas station====
There is a petrol gas station directly on the D1 highway in Bratislava, near the AVION shopping centre. Take bus 61 in the direction of the airport and get off at the stop ''Fatruny''. You can try either hitchhiking on the on-ramp or asking drivers at the petrol gas station 750 m from the bus stop. It's bit harder to get in to petrol gas station, you have to walk past highway for a while. There are a lot of trucks going by this on-ramp, because this is one of the industrial parts of Bratislava.
====Zlaté Piesky bus stop====
=== South towards [[Budapest]] {{European Route Number|75}}, [[Vienna]] {{European Route Number|58}} ===
====Vyšehradská petrol gas station====
The most traffic but it's hard to get there: This is a big petrol gas station on the D2 highway south of the city. Go by bus 93 or 95 to the bus stop '''''Vyšehradská'''''(It is the last stop of the bus 93), Cross the big road called Panonská Cesta and walk to the petrol gas station. It's a quite walk to get there. [ Here is a map]. Stefan (June '16) is not sure if that walking path is correct in that map. He walked an other (longer) way: [].
Most cars (see: virtually all) cars are either heading into Vienna or back to Bratislava from this location. If you're looking at heading into Budapest from here ask people, if they going in the direction of HU, Györ is good as well. There is a petrol gas station further along on the M1, a little after the first exit for Gyor, from which you'll be able to catch a lift to Budapest in no time.
UPDATE (Dec 2016) : Between the mentioned bus stop and the petrol gas station there's a field and you would likely to get muddy when crossing it. Also I can confirm that this location is very good for Vienna but almost no one goes towards Budapest ([[User:Browncoat|Browncoat]])
April 2017, [[User:Antonopa|Antonopa]]: ''although most traffic is heading to Vienna it is possible to get to Budapest, it is not too far from Bratislava and easily reached by walking. I waited 3hrs for a lift to Budapest directly, although I was offered many lifts in the direction of Vienna in the meantime. There are a lot of people going further too, as a lot of trucks stop here.''
January 2018, [[User:PlumeFabre|PlumeFabre]]: ''to join this OMV petrol gas station you have to cross Panonska Cesta street, then cross a big field with a train line in the middle and finally cross the highway to be in the right direction (there is a bridge a little bit further on your left). Then, nearly everybody is going to Wien/Vienna but with patience, you can find a driver for Gyor (to lead you until gyor’s petrol gas station where you find a second driver to Budapest in less than 5 minutes!).''
====Walking towards Vienna====
June 2019: [[user:uncle_sam01|uncle_sam01]] ''thinks this by far the best spot in Bratislava for Hungary, the Balkans and even Turkey. He got a direct ride to Bulgaria here (with a BG sign) in around 25 minutes at 5am. Lots of cars from everywhere.''
====Zlaté Piesky petrol gas station====
From the city centre take a tram number 4 in direction of Zlate Piesky, which is the name of the last stop. From there, you will have to walk along the road around 15 minutes in the following directions: getting off the tram, you'll see a footbridge, which you need to cross over and continue up the road in the direction the tram was heading. You'll be walking along a grass verge so be careful along the road. Have some faith, keep moving and you'll pass a lake on your right hand side. Continue on and you'll see a bridge up ahead with a petrol gas station on the other side of the carriageway. There are some offices to your right here. Push on under the bridge and you'll see in the distance the petrol gas station you're after. When you see the beginning of the motorway with a sign Győr, Wien, the petrol gas station is located on the right hand side. Go a few metres through bushes, following the tracks in the field, and you'll find a hole in the fence through to the station forecourt and truck stop. Jump over it (its just one metre or something) and you are at the petrol gas station directly on the motorway. From there its very easy to get a lift to Wien, a bit harder to Hungary. Some people also go to Italy using this way to avoid paying for vignets for Austria, which are expensive. If you want to go to Budapest, you can also ask someone who is going to Vienna to take you to the next petrol gas station on the same highway ([[Bratislava#Vy.C5.A1ehradsk.C3.A1_petrol_stationA1_gas_station|Vyšehradská]]).
You can get here also by buses 53, 56, 65 , 514. [ This is how you can get here] [ Here is the map]. Here is the map [[]]--[[User:Looking for Stu|Looking for Stu]] ([[User talk:Looking for Stu|talk]]) 17:38, 4 December 2012 (CET) ]
May 2018, [[User:Fabio|Fabio]]:
''I tried to pick a ride to Budapest in that petrol gas station following the advise above, maybe that days I was unlucky, but nobody picked me. I was alone, only with my backpack. I made a sign and spent an entire day (since 09am to 5pm) standing in the exit if the petrol gas station. The cars and truck are going really fast by the highway therefore is hard to them stop. The cars going out of the petrol gas station have place for stop but still no one did it. The good thing is that petrol gas station have toilets, a little shop for water coffee and some food, outside there are tables and benches for rest (or sleep)''
June 2020: [[User:uncle_sam01|''uncle_sam01'']] ''thinks this is a bad option for Austria and probably the worst for Hungary. You may find some people here from other Slovak cities on their way to Austria, but not many. Virtually no one will be headed towards Hungary from here. Use either the [[Bratislava#Vy.C5.A1ehradsk.C3.A1_petrol_stationA1_gas_station|Vyšehradská option]] or [[Bratislava#Hungarian_Border|the Hungarian border option]]. There's no point in losing 8 hours here, when you could easily get a ride in 20 minutes at either one of those places.
====Aupark petrol gas station====
Probably the easily reachable way to go Vienna: Take the bus number 50 and get off the last station which is named Aupark. There is OMV petrol gas station, McD and big shopping mall as well. Since this location is not that far from the center of Bratislava there are some local people who go to further into Slovakia or city center. But there is a good possibility to find a ride for Vienna. In my case ıt took 5 min from OMW to find a lift and ıt was at around 18h, December 2013. For local people you can ask like that " Idete do Viedne?" You can also try to get a lift to the first petrol gas station on the motorway named Jarovce.
[[User:MF|MF]]: ''I tried this option with a girlfriend. Enough cars, a lot of drivers speak English, but nobody is going to the motorway and everybody has a car filled with groceries, kids or a wife.''
July 2016: ''I tried this option with a girlfriend and another couple as well. The other couple got a ride to [[Linz]] in 15 minutes. It took us another 25 minutes to get a ride to a petrol gas station right before [[Vienna]].''
====Tesco Lamac petrol gas station====
Motorway-petrol gas station in the north-east of the city. Take Bus 63 (crosses the whole town) and get out at Tesco Lamac (next to a shopping centre). Walk 1 km northwards and you get to a bridge that crosses the motorway. Go down the steps at the bridge and another 100m north and you're there. Or you can get there also by bus 83, 34, 22 and 20 or even 30. When taking the buses 83, 34, 22 and 20 you have to get off at the bus stop '''''Húščavova''''', walk back few meter to the bridge, go under it, and walk 50m to the petrol gas station. When taking the bus 30. Get off at '''''Pridánky''''', cross the bridge over the highway, go under it, and walk 50m to the petrol gas station. Both bus stops require you to give the driver a signal it's a button in the bus (When there's only one button that is it. When there are two buttons it's not the one that opens the door, it's the one that says STOP.) Most of the cars will be locals but there are also some trucks passing by here. If nobody is going far ask people also if they aren't going along the D2 to Jarovce and passing by the big petrol gas station located there ([[Bratislava#Vy.C5.A1ehradsk.C3.A1_petrol_stationA1_gas_station|Vyšehradská]]). [ Here is the map]
Personal experience: ''A very bad place for a ride to Vienna. We waited there for 2.5 hours before we got a ride. Truck drivers do NOT stop and standing at the exit with a sign was futile. Use a sign, stand near the pumps and ask the drivers. Other than that- a very good place to stand: free Wifi, free toilets and a huge and cheap supermarket ("Kaufland") within 5 minutes walking. If you get stuck and have to spend the night there go to the mentioned supermarket, keep on walking down that road and turn left right after the supermarket ends. Keep on walking that road until you get to a big stadium. To your right there will be an old football field where you can pitch a tent (camping on public ground is legal in Slovakia). There are clean toilets at the supermarket (open 7 days a week) and at the stadium if it's open.''

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