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Public transport - Riding with and without a ticket
There are several hostels and many couchsurfers in Leipzig. Most of the hostels are in or near the center and two of them even right beside the train station.
== Public transport - Riding with and without a ticket Trashwiki & Nomadwiki ==''the information below does not apply to the S-Bahn city train. See [[Deutsche Bahn]] instead''
Using public transportation without a ticket is fairly easy in [[trash:Leipzig.]] [[nomad:Leipzig]]
Getting caught without a ticket:
* fine is 60 EUR, payable by bank transfer in about 10 days
* I don't know if there are special rules if you possess a non-German ID
* Ticket machines outside trams give you unstamped tickets
* You can validate tickets in both trams and buses, the machines ''beep'' when you do so (''check if there is a ticket stamping machine in the rear of the bus'')
* Inside most trams, there's a ticket machine that gives you a stamped ticket (''just hanging around there won't serve as excuse if you get busted'')
* Bus drivers also sell stamped tickets
* You could buy a (short range, if you're on low money) ticket and keep it unstamped
* Most transportation rules for German public transport are along the lines that you have to present a valid ticket if you're asked to do so
* '''You need to get the ticket stamped ''before'' the traffic control reaches you'''
* If you've got an unstamped ticket, you can argue that you didn't know about validating it - the tourist act usually works
* After 20:00, you usually need to get in buses at the front and show your ticket to the bus driver

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