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Going to and from the Airport
=== Going to and from the Airport ===
Actually you are supposed to take the BLQ Airport Express bus to and from the Airport towards Bologna main station. But it costs 5 Euros, which is a lot compared to any normal bus ticket, which costs you just 1 Euro. So, instead of taking the Express bus, take buses #91 and #81 from the main station and get off at stop "Birra". It is the last urban area before you cross the motorway to get to the airport.
Obtain the 1€ ticket in advance @ the tabac as since 01.01.2010 you may not do it while entering the bus #91, #81. There is also a supermarket "Conad" right next to the stop & small fenced park allowing you to rest in a shade. To get to the Airport will take you 15 minutes by foot from there, pavements are provided the whole way. Just follow the direction the bus goes and you cannot miss it. Stick to the left side of the road. To get there FROM the airport is quite easy if you have a map, if you do not you may get it free at the airport tourist information (together with may other useful info end even exact map of the region of Emilia-Romania).
From the arrival hall head straight ahead. Cross the round-about with a city center marks visible and follow it. Then the pavement path turns right and leads you under the motorway bridge. from there you may already some buildings 100 m. away. Go towards them.
The mentioned busses run from the morning until 8 p.m.
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