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Direction: West (Keflavík, Airport)
Catch bus 1 ( or bus 34 if that is more conveniant) from Reykjavik to Hafnarfjörður (280 ISK) which stops for 5 minutes at the main bus station in Hafnarfjörður and then proceeds further into Hafnarfjörður (Bus 1 "Hfj. Vellir"). Get off at the stop Suðurhvammur, from there it looks like a regular highway onramp, but actually it is not a highway, so while you can hitch directly then and there on the onramp it is generlly quicker and easier to just walk onto the main road and walk along that road for a 100 meters or 200 meters until you find a place where cars can pull over.
HItchhiking Hitchhiking from the city directly is not the easiet.   == Trashwiki & Nomadwiki == [[nomad:reykjavik]] [[trash:Reykjavíkreykjavik]]    
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