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'''''Paso Carirriñe''''' on the Ruta 62. Crosses from Neuquen province to Region XIV los Rios. Argentinian immigration is 47km from the actual border. Let us know if you hitched here.
'''''Paso Hua Hum''''' on the Ruta 48. Crosses from Neuquen province to Region XIV los Rios. Argentinian In Chile, once you reach the town of Puerto Fuy, you need to take a ferry (it's called 'Barcaza Hua Hum'. See fares here and cross lake Pirehueico. [[Pirehueico]] is also the name of the last settlement one finds before reaching the border with Argentina. From Pirehueico, Chilean customs is 3km from at a distance of 11 km. The best option available is to ask passengers going to Argentina for a ride to the actual borderbefore disembarking. The Chilean one customs is on the actual border. In Chile Argentinian customs is 1,5 km from Chilean's, so it's within easy walking distance from the border. The nearest city from Argentinian customs is [[San Martín de los Andes]], which is 43 km away from customs and it's only reachable through a completely unpaved road. Despite this fact, there are campsites nearby in case you need to take stay the night somewhere in the surroundings, or in case you're looking for drivers. Also, the last bus going to San Martín departs from customs at about 20.00 in summer (you can just ask for information in there, schedules might change throughout the year). User [[User:christianmn|christianmn]] left customs and waited at a ferry crossroad some meters ahead. He was lucky enough to get connected be picked up by four guys going back to [[Junín de los Andes]], so they dropped him in San Martín since it was on the other roads. Let us know if you hitched hereway.
'''''Paso Fronterizo Cardenal Antonio Samoré''''' on the Ruta 231. Crosses from Neuquen province to Region X de Los Lagos. The Argentinian customs is 17km from the actual border.

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