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Hitchhiking out: A bit more info about leaving Marseille direction North-West
=== North-West by A55, towards [[Montpellier]], [[Toulouse]], [[Barcelona]], [[Arles]] ===
Take the metro/tramway to La Joliette or Euroméditerranée Gantès and walk down the main street (Boulevard de Dunkerke) for a few blocks. There is the highway North-West (A55) that starts there (it's a bridge going up so it's better to stand at the traffic light just before it). A lot of the cars leaving from that point can take you out of Marseille's metropolis and leave you at Fos-sur-Mer, where the road is only one-lane and it's easy to get another lift.
In the early morning (06:00-07:00) a lot of people that live in Marseille go to work to Fos, so it's definitely the best time to be there. Try putting your destination directly on the sign you have (especially if it's big cities like Montpellier or Toulouse everyone will know where it is), your driver might actually give you further advice on how to go there.
January 2019: Not a lot of people were driving towards Fos at 11am-2pm. With not much traffic, traffic-light hitching from that spot was more difficult, as there were only a few cars at a time and they didn't stop long enough, and there was nowhere for them to pull over. Maybe going early would've worked better.
Also if you give up and get a train to Fos-sur-Mer it's not easy to get on the motorway again. (Ivy ended up sneaking through the big IMERYS factory, jumping a big fence, and walking a bit along the motorway to get to a small Total services. Do not recommend).
Update on February 2020: No one stopped in the traffic lights just before the A7 ramp to the highway and there's no really other possibilities to directly jump into that highway from the city. Finally, what it worked for me was to go to a petrol station inside the city.
In my case, I took the tram and went to the last stop (Arenc), from there I walked until a peculiar petrol station called "Briançon service station" ([ here link to the place in google maps]) and thumbed up from there. Note that area of Marseille is not very safe and the petrol station has not really an indoor space, so I wouldn't recommend to go there at night.
Sidenote: There's a very bad air pollution in Fos-sur-Mer. Personally, I'd recommend to leave that place as soon as possible or even try to not stop by there.
=== North or West by A7, towards A8, [[Aix-en-Provence]], [[Avignon]], [[Lyon]], or [[Nice]] ===

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