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I'm a traveller getting more and more into hitchhiking. I'm from Spain and I enjoy adventures and spountaneous travel over tourism and routine. I'm also studying an online master of data science, so I having a sort of digital nomad lifestyle at the moment.
I'm also voluunteering in the development of Trustroots. You can check out my trustroots profile: my website:
See you on the road!
== Previous hitchhiking trips ==
* From Prague (Czechia) to Barcelona (Spain)
* From Tirana (Albania) to Vienna (Austria)
* From Copenhague to Barcelona (Spain), going through all the Scandinavian countries and, thereafter, through all the Baltic countries
* Some other local and small ones trips / rides in Spain, like the one I did last year from Sorbas to Almería to catch a train on time after I missed the bus.
== Countries where I have hitchhiked in ==
* Spain
* Czech Republic
* Italy
* Germany
* France
* Switzerland
* Sweden
* Norway
* Finland
* Estonia
* Latvia
* Lithuania
* Russian Federation
* Poland
* Austria
* Albania
* Croatia
* Montenegro
* Bosnia and Herzegovina
* Slovakia
* Slovenia

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