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Poland > Amsterdam highway 10: Updated info about Rasthof Michendorf option
=== Poland > Amsterdam highway 10 ===
The best to hitchhike is to get off at ''Rasthof Michendorf'' (after all the ring interchanges). There is a bridge over the Autobahn nearby so if you are coming from [[Poland]] you can jump over and easily find someone going into the city.
* Alternatively, you can walk into Michendorf itself, which takes about 20 30 min. Just head north from the petrol stations (you can go under the Autobahn from the southern petrol station-> As of January 2020, there is a construction going on there and I didn't find any possible way to cross from the Nord station to the other side of the motorway where the Sud Station is). From Michendorf, you can take a train for EUR 3.30 to the centre of Berlin (the ABC ticket, which is valid for 2 hours, so you can also use metro, bus etc. when in Berlin). The last train everyday is at 2200:3021. So don't leave the petrol station if you get there after 2200:00. Also, that train station is not really suitable for sleeping, if you get stuck there.
If you want to go '''reach Berlin most efficiently''' with public transports the best is to get of at "Königs Wusterhausen"/"Wildau". The exit is one exit after the "Schönefelder Kreuz" on the A10 direction Poland. I consider it as the quickest to get in Berlin from the South! Maybe your driver can drop you in the village at the S-Bahn otherwise here is the independent version:

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