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South, ferry towards Tallinn, Estonia: Added last info about viking lines / viking club fares Other info about the ferry companies added.
''This didn't work when I was there in summer 2016. Both website and staff told me there is no free cruise on becoming a member.''
''However, the '''ticket price''' was 10€ on the website in finish finnish and/or swedish language. 20€ on the website in english language(!) And buying offline in the passenger terminal was even more. I sat in the terminal using the free wifi to buy the ticket, using online translator and common sense for figuring the finish website!'' ''As of January 2020, the ticket price for viking lines buying it through the website '''in finnish''' is 12€ round-trip (you can use the outgoing way only, if you want). It is around 30€ (?) the website in english language. You will have to fill a rather long form in the finnish version but you can always ask for help to a native finnish or use google translator. Note that you need to buy the ticket online at least 1h 30' earlier than when the ferry departs.''
While on the ferry, you should hitchhike already on the car deck of the ship. Go to the car deck at least 30 minutes before arrival time to the harbour and start asking around. If you have a large backpack, keep in mind that at some point the car deck's doors will open and the cars will start flowing out into the harbour. You don't want to be between large trucks at that point!
====Ferry companies====
* [ Eckerö line] -> The cheapest one. 2 / 3 ferrys per day. One in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Terminal 2 West.* [ VikingLine] -> Cheaper when bought from the finnish website. They take longer and depart from a different terminal not close to the other ones.* [ Tallink] -> Many times available but expensive and bad service. Terminal 2 West.
* [ Linda line]

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