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South towards Bonn, Koblenz, Frankfurt am Main, Nuremberg
:''[[User:Hash|Hash]]: Hitched at this spot successfully in July 2017, took about 25 mins but got a good long distance ride to Nürnberg. Climbing the fence is probably necessary - there is a good place on the western end of the station where the fence has larger gaps for a foot to fit in."
:''[[User:Furkanyigit|Furkanyigit]]: In 2019, December, I hitchhiked to Nuremberg from that gas station. It is quite hard to arrive there but you will find a ride %100. I bought a ticket "3" for Siegburg costs 5.40 € then walked to Shell Gas Station (Wst, A3, 53721 Siegburg, Germany). I did not need to climb the fences, if you surround from the left side of the park you will see the path. I used application for that. And go to exit of the gas station, show your destination and thumb up!
Furthermore going in direction of FFM you can use the traffic lights at the ramp Köln-Dellbrück (Mülheim/Buchheim) or at the ramp onto the 55a (Frankfurterstraße). Ask the driver to bring you at least on the ''Rasthof Siegburg''. To Köln-Dellbrück you can catch the bus 159 in direction ''Buchheim'' to ''Gronauerstraße'' for example at ''Wiener Platz'' (3 stops). To the ramp at Frankfurterstraße take bus 151, 152 or 153 to ''Beuthenerstraße''.

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