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*'''Longest single ride:''' 1,269 km
June 26 & 27, 2019: Horgos Border Crossing, Hungary to Izmit, Turkey. An attempt at Bratislava-Istanbul under 24hrs. Hitched this guy at the [[Horgos-Röszke border crossing|infamous Roszke-Horgos crossing]]. A Viennese plate and car full of stuff gave away this man’s Turkness like nothing else. His driving style was very Turkish, so he liked to speed and overtake fairly aggressively. Serbians obviously knew this and he had to pay a 150 euro fine. Then his battery died at a toll booth near Belgrade and I learned that this had already happened in Budapest the night before and it turned out he hadn’t slept since yesterday evening… I called the Austrian assistance service, which arranged a tow truck and got an unintended visit to Belgrade. The Serbs managed to fix the guy’s alternator and we set off just in time for rush-hour. Driving like a maniac again, he got another fine in Bulgaria… The ride past Sofia was honestly quite scary. Darkness, shitty headlights and a sleepy driver, whose eyesight wasn’t the best. I also at that point hadn’t slept properly for two days, so it was a very trippy experience. We made it to [[Kapitan Andreevo-Kapıkule border crossing|Kapikule ]] by midnight, where we decided to call it a day, only to set off at around 8am towards Istanbul. Of course we got caught up in a 4 hour traffic jam, as one of the Europe-Asia bridges was partially closed ([ we even got interviewed on camera]...). I got off at a gas station in Izmit, chilled for an hour and then the first car I approached turned out to be a 900km ride to Turkish Kurdistan!
*'''Longest wait:''' 6 hrs
April 16, 2017: Atlanta, GA, various I-75 on-ramps. A cumulative wait time for 3 different spots. First was 3 hrs without any success, although 2 cars stopped (both going in the wrong direction). The second spot attracted an uber driver from Haiti after approx. 20 min., who took me for free to the next exit (about 3 miles, still deep suburbia). Third spot was completely hopeless and I gave up after 3 hours in the Sun and took a bus to Tennessee the next day. It was Easter Sunday, which might explain it...
*'''Most rides hitched within 24 hours:''' 15 rides
June 24th, 2017: Warsaw to Lviv, wondering through the Polish countryside near Zamosc while trying to get to a [[Dołhobyczów-Uhryniv border crossing|small border crossing ]] with pedestrians allowed. Very little traffic and extremely sparsely populated (never seen a better definition of "middle of nowhere" and I've been to freaking Wyoming!) - lesson learned...
=== Planned Trips ===

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