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;First option
Take the bus #131 from the city center to ''Dölzig'' and get out at ''Südstraße'', one stop before the ''Nova Eventis'' center. You can hitchhike directly from the bus stop. Try to find your ride here towards [[Berlin]] or [[Munich]]!
Beware, that bus doesn't run very often. Check [ the timetable] (Jan 2013).
;Second option
;Third option
You can take a train from the Main Station, Leipzig-Gohlis, Leipzig-Coppiplatz, Leipzig-Möckern or Leipzig-Leutzsch (Regional Express "RB") that goes to "Weißenfels". Get off at "Rückmarsdorf". From there you walk north straight up to the big street that leads to the {{Ade|9}}. It's about 300 m and the way is intuitive. You can either start from there or follow the street westwards for about 500 m where you find a car seller for Renault. There is plenty of space to stop and pick you up. If people only go to Dölzig take the lift. The spot at the Busstaion Südstraße (first option) is slightly better.The great advantage of this option is that you get to Rückmarsdorf very fast. Especially if you live close to one of the trainstops mentioned above you're ready to start hitkchhiking in some 10 minutes (vs. 27 minutes busride from the Main Station in Bus #131). Remember that the train only goes once an hour (March 2015: From the Main Station at xx:47 h from track 6).
=== North towards [[Berlin]] and [[Magdeburg]]/[[Hamburg]] {{Ade|14}} ===
=== West towards [[Erfurt]], [[Cologne|Köln]], [[Belgium]] {{Ade|4}} ===
[[File:CraigChristmasHitch.jpg|thumb|220px|right|Santa Claus [[User:Halt, Stop! Reudnitz kommt.|Craig]] hitching bus stop near ''Leipzig West'' ({{Ade|9}}).]]
When heading to Belgium highway number 4 is a decent option. There are no comfortable ways (other than luck) to get on the highway to Kassel {{Ade|38}}. Though if there's somebody taking you to the {{Ade|38}} make sure you get a long lift. There is only one service station [[:de:Rohnetal Nord|Rohnetal Nord]] before reaching the {{Ade|7}} near [[Göttingen]]/[[Kassel]].
You can take bus 131 from Main Station (Leipzig Hauptbahnhof) or Merseburgerstrasse that will take you all the way close to the {{Ade|9}} (alight at B181/Dölzig). At the bus stop you can easily get a lift in all directions. All day long heavy traffic yay ;-) [[User:Halt, Stop! Reudnitz kommt.|Craig]]'s waiting times average at 15 mins for direction [[Cologne]] (West) or [[Nuremberg]] (South), 20 mins direction [[Berlin]] (North).
First you have Bus to go south on the {{Ade|9}}, use a sign "A9 Süd", there's a gas station on the highway 30 Kulkwitz (Markranstädt) than walk 6 km south from Leipzig called "Osterfeld". There you can find a ride going West on the {{Ade|4}} . Ask for people going at least to Erfurt. The only service area with gas station Rastplatz Fuchsaue on the {{Ade|4}} before Erfurt is called "Eichelborn" and is located BEYOND Jena.highway 38The on-ramp on the side away from Leipzig is slightly more spacious (but not spacious) and there was a little more traffic when [[User:Guaka|guaka]] was hitching from there on Thursday around noon.
Right after getting onto You can take bus 131 from Main Station (Leipzig Hauptbahnhof) or Merseburgerstrasse that will take you all the way close to the {{Ade|49}} there's a restaurant (but no gas stationalight at B181/Dölzig) called "Teufelstal" that's okay during . At the day ([[User:Guaka|guaka]] found bus stop you can easily get a long ride to almost Giessen from there)lift in all directions.
== Hitching In ==
:Hitchhiker [[User:Halt, Stop! Reudnitz kommt.|Craig]] would rather recommend to ask drivers going off to ''Leipzig''. The road directions are not separated on that side anymore and there is a perfect spot (bus stop) for hitching into the city plus drivers can easily make u-turn going back to the highway. [[Korn|Korn]] mentiones, that you can catch a ride from here even in the night pretty easy. If you get off earlier and don´t want to walk that far, there is also a '''huge keeping area''' on the right side, after you left the highway and underpass the bridge. It is also the first possible point for cars to make a u-turn and get back on the highway.
== Overnight Nomadwiki & Trashwiki ==There are several hostels and many couchsurfers in Leipzig. Most of the hostels are in or near the center and two of them even right beside the train station. == Public transport - Riding with and without a ticket ==''the information below does not apply to the S-Bahn city train. See [[Deutsche Bahn]] instead'' Using public transportation without a ticket is fairly easy in Leipzig. Getting caught without a ticket:* fine is 60 EUR, payable by bank transfer in about 10 days* I don't know if there are special rules if you possess a non-German ID Anyway...* Ticket machines outside trams give you unstamped tickets* You can validate tickets in both trams and buses, the machines ''beep'' when you do so (''check if there is a ticket stamping machine in the rear of the bus'')* Inside most trams, there's a ticket machine that gives you a stamped ticket (''just hanging around there won't serve as excuse if you get busted'')* Bus drivers also sell stamped tickets
* You could buy a (short range, if you're on low money) ticket and keep it unstamped{{nomadwiki}}
* Most transportation rules for German public transport are along the lines that you have to present a valid ticket if you're asked to do so
* '''You need to get the ticket stamped ''before'' the traffic control reaches you'''
* If you've got an unstamped ticket, you can argue that you didn't know about validating it - the tourist act usually works
* After 20:00, you usually need to get in buses at the front and show your ticket to the bus driver
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