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'''Option 2''' Another good spot is directly at the motorway A4 ramp. There is quite a good place for the cars to stop; in addition, drivers can notice you in advance when waiting at the traffic lights. To get to this spot, take a bus 94 towards either ''Cossebaude'' or ''Niederwartha'' and get off at the ''Zschonergrundstraße'' stop; you can also get there by local trains RB/RE going to ''Elsterwerda-Biela'' or ''Hoyerswerda'' (get off at ''Dresden-Kemnitz''). Both for the train and/or the bus you can use one-fare-zone ticket, so it is relatively cheap.
Comment by Johannes: It is possible to get a ride from here, but the spot is not as ideal as it may sound. Lots of traffic from two sides, but narrow. Drivers from the left side have literally no time to notice you, and those from the right won't be comfortable because they are in a curve and have cars behind them. Still possible (got a ride from here twice) but be patient and I'd recommend going without a sign, and when someone stops who is not going your direction have them drop you off at 'Dresdner Tor' service area (6km from that spot)
'''Option 3''' From Dresden-Neustadt DB station; take bus number 81 (WILSCHDORF) to the stop 'Am Olter'. This should not take longer than fifteen minutes. Here you are right at 'Dresden Hellerau' interchange of B170 and A4 / A13 direction Leipzig as well as Chemnitz. You can try to directly hitchhike there or to use 'Rastanlage Dresdner Tor' (10 minutes/12 kilometers from here) as a relais.

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