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From the bus stop Barboshina polyana (Барбошина поляна) take a minibus 113 to the village Mirniy (Мирный), when bus will turn from the road to the village you must get off.
Or you can take a minibus 110 (85 rubles, September 19) on Moskovskoe shosse street (Московское шоссе) to the village Krasniy Yar (Красный Яр). When you get to the village, you need to pass through it to find a road P 178. Better to go to Kazan through Koshki-Nurlat-Bilyarsk. Rather than through Nurlat-Aksubaevo-Chistopol — it's much further. Or through Bazarnye Mataki — road condition is quite bad and traffic is low.
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