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{{DISPLAYTITLE:European Hitchgathering August 2019}}
==Main Gatherings==
* quite far to an open bar
* we're using somebody's resources. We can't just use all their firewood and give them a massive water bill without giving something back.
===Albania - 15August - 8 September===
At the farm where we had [[Hitchgathering/2018|last year's gathering]], Western Serbia.
==Winter/New Year-Gathering - Northern Norway==
In what seems to be(come) a tradition some brave hitchhikers will hitchhike up to the arctic circle to enjoy darkness,
a frozen world and northern lights.
The rough plans so far:
* Tobi and Paula start hitchhiking on the 20th december from [[Umeå]] via [[Kiruna]] and [[Narvik]] towards [[Lofoten]] / Vesteralen, search for a nice wilderness hut wait for the rest to catch up and then move further north.
*Another team of two will make a stop at [[Country_Town]], Denmark and start from there around the 23rd of December, prob via ferry Hirtshals-Kristiansand.
*One person might start hitchhiking from Copenhagen and wouldn't mind company :-)
Suggested activities: building Igloos at the North Cape, watching Northern Lights, finding a nice hut with a sauna, hitchhiking back via St. Petersburg (now visafree?)
More info on the mailing list.
[ Facebook-Event]
==Mailing list==

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